Sputnik lands on GitHub!


We are pleased to announce that we’re moving our code-review tool Sputnik to another level – now you can use it to review pull requests on your GitHub projects!

Meet Sputnik’s new motherbase: Sputnik.ci

Here’s how it looks in practice:

Check 5 minute Getting started guide and start using Sputnik on your project.

We currently support Java, Scala and Groovy; JavaScript and TypeScript support are on the road.

Happy reviewing!

7 thoughts on “Sputnik lands on GitHub!”

  1. | How about Python?

    Python is definitely on our list on languages to support soon.

    | we are ALBO we’re

    Thanks, fixed it.

  2. Could you plz mention if there is any article that describes the integration of Sputnik with Github/Gitlab

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