Hello 33rd Degree Conference

Hello everybody! We’ve just arrived to Kraków (actually the last part of our team have, because some people came already at the weekend). Our stand at the 33rd Degree Conference, in a big tent next the Multikino, is ready.


We’re waiting for you with job offers, comfortable deckchairs in chillout zone and… a competition. So just come, take a sit and solve our crossword to enter today’s prize draw. Everyday during afternoon brake, exactly at 3:55 p.m. we draw:

  • access to an online course at lynda.com
  • tickets for „Naga Praga” – the newest Młyn Theater production (Młyn is one of the best alternative theater in Warsaw and we have a great pelasure to be a patron of it!)
  • Dependency Injection coffee boxes:)

2 thoughts on “Hello 33rd Degree Conference”

  1. “1. Work toward your goal with PASSION- fall in love with the idea of working out! Sure you may have to fake it at first but treat it like a new relationship-that time, long ago (for some of us) when you felt giddy about someone or something.”This is SO true!! I was the type of person who could eat clean all day, but the gym was my weakness. I pushed through and made myself go, and now I just can't imagine it any other way! I absolutely LOVE working out and I feel so incredible starting my morning off this way

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