the virtual network operator in an app

When the owner of Folx - a new mobile operator brand - decided to enter the Polish market he contacted TouK. Our experience in building and running telco operators' IT let us earn a new client.

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Real-time marketing and fraud detection

event stream processing platform

For one of the Polish mobile network operators, we delivered services and were actively involved in the development of real-time event processing platform. Project's technical scope included the design and delivery of scalable Apache Kafka and Apache Flink based platform.

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Telco product catalog

sales support and service provisioning system

The Product Catalog is a crucial component in telco operators infrastructure. Compliant with TM Forum recommendation, it defines offers, product and services. It's a central system for both sales and service provisioning.

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GPRD data transfer and sharing

General Data Protection Regulation is meant to provide protection of people with regard to personal data. For large organizations meeting GPRD requirements, even in the scope of notifying clients and providing them with or moving their data, is not trivial.

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MVNO from scratch

custom crm, bss, oss, e-commerce systems

After two years of operations in Poland, Virgin Mobile, a virtual network operator, decided to renew its offerings and start broad marketing campaigns. New plans required more flexible new core systems.

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Fast loan, from your couch

on-line loan applications for Getin Bank

Banks have to compete with sub-prime or payday-lending companies. The loan application process must be simplified, and innovative measures must be taken for better credit scoring.

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Mobile Banking

wallet and mobile banking applications

Approached by a Nigerian integration company after successfully delivering a project for the largest mobile operator in Africa, we built a mobile money system for a bank in Nigeria.

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automated identity document verification allows on-line automated identity document processing. Multiple file formats are supported. Advanced image recognition and processing algorithms find and recognise scanned or photographed documents. Text and image data is extracted even from low quality or distorted images.

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eShop to the rescue

e-commerce platform

A mobile network operator in the process of entering the market had a serious problem: it needed a very important sale channel – an on-line store matching the operator’s needs. It was impossible for the operator to reach an agreement with the software provider to introduce the necessary changes to the applications.

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Online payments

banks integration for online payment provider

Instant payments are ubiquitous in today's e-commerce. But flawless and secure operation of payment systems need skilled developers in the beginning.

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Integration platform re-engineering

fabric8, osgi, servicemix and microservices solutions

After seven years of operation, an existing integration platform needed a substantial upgrade.

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One system to rule them all

base station management system

Mobile operators build their radio infrastructure using components from many vendors. Though not uniform, this infrastructure has to be managed as one and act as one.

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You're safe. Sleep well.

real-time guards control system

Thousands of security personnel provide asset protection services using modern technology. They monitor and patrol premises. They have to react fast, so the software they use must work in real-time, with no room for error.

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Telecom infrastructure under control

service assurance OSS

Managing a complex telecom radio network infrastructure with many OSS tools is inefficient. Imagine a storm, hundreds of alarms raised in a minute. Which one is important? Which should be taken care of?

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Sharing infrastructure with MVNO

service integration

Under an inter-operator agreement, a mobile phone operator undertook to share its infrastructure with a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). It decided to provide its services in an orderly manner.

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Anti-fraud safety

verification of financial credibility

Will this young man buying a new smartphone make his payments regularly? Each time an offer is prepared or a contract signed, a mobile operator has to evaluate the risk of subsidizing a new client.

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