Real-time marketing

event stream processing platform

For one of the Polish mobile network operators, we delivered services and were actively involved in the development of real-time event processing platform.

One of the primary responsibilities of the platform is running real-time marketing processes. Stream data of various events available in telecom is transformed in our tool into actions like: email, sms or social media communication.

Today effective marketing utilises up to date information and real-time customer actions. It uses analytics and feedback loops to optimise campaign behaviour. Building campaigns in a GUI let marketers deploy campaigns faster and adapt quickly in changing competitive environments. Campaigns can be tested and tuned based on measured performance and experiments.

Project's technical scope included the design and delivery of scalable Apache Kafka and Apache Flink based platform with all necessary integrations.

The business world is changing rapidly – new products, new ideas come and go. So it happens in the marketing environment. Marketers must give up on gut feeling as the tool of the trade and learn to use customer data to make the best decisions.