Sharing infrastructure with MVNO

service integration

Under an inter-operator agreement, a mobile phone operator undertook to share its infrastructure with a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). It decided to provide its services in an orderly manner.

Building support architecture for overlapping business processes of both operators was accompanied by a decision to introduce an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The implementation of the ESB enabled compatible operation of services for numerous virtual operators while simultaneously preserving autonomy and separate management; it also enabled easily providing services later to an additional MVNO. In a broader context, ESB benefited our client with unified services and data provided by other systems, which were gradually covered by the designed architecture.

Observing economic guidelines concerning expenses as well as the client’s approval of open source influenced the choice of technology: a light Apache ServiceMix platform, which was additionally equipped with client-adjusted administrative and monitoring tools.

Adapting an ESB to the current business needs of the wireless provider was the first implementation of an ESB by TouK. Similar projects were implemented for a few other clients.