Running integration tests with surefire in integration-test phase

The Maven Failsafe Plugin is a fork of the Maven Surefire Plugin designed to help when running integration tests. However, sometimes you may want to use Surefire for integration testing. The situation may be even more complicated if have unit tests and integration tests in the same module. The solution isn't very pretty but it's still quite short and understandable... Read more

Context menu or Action buttons ?

Recently I was drawn into one of those UI "religious" disputes that has no easy answers and usually both sides are right. One of our web developers was trying out new web tech (with pretty rich widget library) and started to question himself about some basic usability decisions. The low level problem in this case is usually brought to "which widget should I use ?". I'm not fond of bringing the usability problems to questions: Should I use Tabs over Menu ? Or should I use Context menu instead of buttons panel ? But sometimes if time is crucial factor and other usability levels are by default not addressed at all - better developer that asks those basic questions than developer that do not question himself at all. Read more