“Vendors” raise money to help the needy

Tweet #vendorsmovie (or #dostawcyfilm in Polish posts) during the 33rd Degree 4 charity to support the cause of the conference. For each tweet with a link to our movie on vendors, we will donate PLN 5.12 to one of the following foundations: “Noble Box” or “I Have a Dream.” All participants and enthusiasts of the 33rd Degree 4 charity conference are cordially invited to join our campaign “Tweet Vendors 4 charity.” Even if you are unable to get to Krakow for the conference, you can help raise money to help those in need. All you have to do is tweet a link to “Vendors” trailer tagged with #vendorsmovie from your Twitter account on the day of the conference. We also count on retweets, so if you manage to encourage your friends to share the link, kids will receive more money. As simple as that. If you would like to join our campaign, read the rules below: Tweet Vendors 4 charity – Rules: 1. “Tweet Vendors 4 charity” (hereinafter: TV4C) is a charity campaign organised by TouK which accompanies the 33rd Degree 4 charity conference. 2. The TV4C campaign consists in providing money to charity organisations “Noble Box” and “I Have a Dream”) for tweets and retweets with specified content. 3. For each tweet (and retweet) with the link 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1lR39lFQuM and #vendorsmovie or #dostawcyfilm, TouK will provide PLN 5.12 to 33rd Degree 4 charity fund that will be donated to the above-mentioned charity organisations. 4. TouK will donate funds for only one tweet from each individual Twitter account. 5. TouK reserves the right to stop making payments for tweets from Twitter accounts set up after the campaign has been announced and accounts with less than 10 followers, as well as from accounts generated automatically in bulk or in any other way that breaches these Rules. 6. The TV4C campaign shall be carried out solely during the 33rd Degree 4 charity conference on 13 October 2013 between 9 AM and midnight (CEST), but it is not intended for conference participants only. The campaign has been extended for indefinite period, subject to item 9. 7. The balance of funds raised by Twitter users will be publicised using a counter at http://www.dostawcyfilm.pl/ and http://www.vendorsmovie.com/. 8. The pool of funds for the campaign is limited. Hence, TouK reserves the right to end the campaign early once the funds are depleted. In this situation, the total amount in the pool shall also be publicised. 9. TouK reserves the right to end the campaign at any time without stating the reasons behind its decision.

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