Run, TouK, run!

Only four days left. Since a few months two TouK teams have been training intensively to prepare themselves for the Accreo Ekiden 2014. Good luck!

Over 600 teams will run 42 km and 195 m, it means the marathon distance. But TouK’s runners are not afraid of long distance relay races at all. A big part of them participated in the Accreo Ekiden 2011 and 2013.

This year’s participants are: Marcin Cylke, Łukasz Drumiński, Maciej Respondek, Przemysław Hejman, Michał Sokołowski, Tomasz Pełnikowski (TouK Alfa) and Magda Żebrowska, Michał Rybak, Witold Wołejszo, Marcin Przeradzki, Marcin Brański, Filip Jastrzębowski (TouK Beta).

We’ll be cheering both TouK Alfa and TouK Beta. Keep fingers crossed on Sunday 11th May at 9:00 am!

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