We support filmmakers. Touks at the film set.

The AGAM film studio is making a movie about our business.

The plot promises quite well. Story takes place in a telecom’s IT and network operations. Corporation, project, female boss, constraint. A day like every other day and some motifs from Duplicity (I hope the filmakers will not be offended with this reference).

The actors is a fresh blood not yet widely recognized on the big screen – Mlyn Theater and Mamro Theater Company.


And our part? We have consulted the merits of the script and now we are doing the same on the film set. So you will not laugh at IT scenes in the movie. We take opportunity to watch (and help naturally) filmmaking with professional digital equipment. Records of such shooting is a real big data. And the most interesting is that some of Touks can play extras in unusual situations. For example I was filmed in the board meeting.


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