Local Graphite installation on CentOS 5.5 howto

Feature request

Our client called:
– “I want something to monitor my application!”
– “Ok, let’s use JMX, we have plenty of stats exposed there already.”
– “Fine, but I want something fancy!”
– “Ok, let’s install Graphite, take a look at screenshots!”
– “Excellent! Use our testing CentOS machine for this.”
– “Ok, erm… wait, nooooo! We have no root access there, there is no internet access and we can’t install anything!!!”
– “(hangup click)”


There I was, standing alone, looking for help…

My scenario: * no internet access * only user account, no root account * gcc and make installed * some libraries missing * no development packages for installed libraries

    My goals:

  • install libraries to $HOME
  • install Graphite and stuff to $HOME/graphite


It took me a few days, but I’ve managed to install Graphite locally. Here is a gist for a sake of documentation and for others that may need it.

<a href="https://gist.github.com/SpOOnman/5957589">https://gist.github.com/SpOOnman/5957589</a>