One thought on “Testing NiFi Flow – The good, the bad and the ugly”

  1. Not sure your example sounds even remotely like serious data integration, though I appreciate that you took a real-world use case. Reading through your work progress, I couldn’t help but notice that you seem to not be using the right tools. Why are you programming something that can be done under Unix with CLI in one or two lines? Your test sample shown is not even valid XML by any means. I’ve had a wonderful experience with Nifi for data integration into another system where we create investment reports, but the input data structure for the investment reports come from different systems (some CSV, some XML, some host TXT). Nifi transforms all into a coherent data model which is the base for the transformation and rendering into final PDF or Powerpoints which are then directly transported/routed to their destined output channel for end-users to consume. Errors were very straight-forward to figure out and address in my experience. Just use the system for what it’s designed for and use Unix to deal with the nifty little details around it.

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