New HTTP Logger Grails plugin

I've wrote a new Grails plugin - httplogger. It logs:

  • request information (url, headers, cookies, method, body),
  • grails dispatch information (controller, action, parameters),
  • response information (elapsed time and body).

It is mostly useful for logging your REST traffic. Full HTTP web pages can be huge to log and generally waste your space. I suggest to map all of your REST controllers with the same path in UrlMappings, e.g. /rest/ and configure this plugin with this path.

Here is some simple output just to give you a taste of it.

17:16:00,331 INFO  filters.LogRawRequestInfoFilter  - << #1 GET http://localhost:8080/riddle/rest/index?username=admin&search=foo
17:16:00,340 INFO filters.LogRawRequestInfoFilter - << #1 headers Cookie: 'JSESSIONID=DF4EA5725AC4A4990281BD96963739B0; splashShown1.6=1', Accept-Language: 'en-US,en;q=0.8,pl;q=0.6', X-MyHeader: 'null'
17:16:00,342 INFO filters.LogGrailsUrlsInfoFilter - << #1 dispatched to rest/index with parsed params [username:[admin], search:[foo]].
17:16:00,731 INFO filters.LogOutputResponseFilter - >> #1 returned 200, took 405 ms.
17:16:00,745 INFO filters.LogOutputResponseFilter - >> #1 responded with '{count:0}'
17:18:55,799 INFO  filters.LogRawRequestInfoFilter  - << #2 POST http://localhost:8080/riddle/rest/login
17:18:55,799 INFO filters.LogRawRequestInfoFilter - << #2 headers Cookie: 'JSESSIONID=DF4EA5725AC4A4990281BD96963739B0; splashShown1.6=1', Accept-Language: 'en-US,en;q=0.8,pl;q=0.6', X-MyHeader: 'null'
17:18:55,800 INFO filters.LogRawRequestInfoFilter - << #2 body: 'username=admin&password=password'
17:18:55,801 INFO filters.LogOutputResponseFilter - >> #2 returned 404, took 3 ms.
17:18:55,802 INFO filters.LogOutputResponseFilter - >> #2 responded with ''

Official plugin information can be found on Grails plugins website here: or you can browse code on github: TouK/grails-httplogger.

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