Spring Boot 2.0 HTTP request metrics with Micrometer


Brand new Spring Boot 2.0 has just been released and TouKs couldn’t wait to try it in the production. One of the newly added features that we investigated Read more

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Michał Bobowski

Michał Bobowski

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3 thoughts on “Spring Boot 2.0 HTTP request metrics with Micrometer”

  1. Nice post, thanks! Very helpful will be part with grafana panel examples. Why you calc percentil implicitly in app, not in grafana via influx query ?

  2. Hello, I’m glad you enjoyed my post.

    It would be very difficult to calculate percentiles in Influx, because of performance issues. With my approach I get one sample of percentiles data every 5 seconds and then I just track the mean value in Grafana.

    On the other hand to truly calculate percentiles in Influx I would need to remember every single response time. Additionally Micrometer cares more about the most recent requests while Influx (I guess) don’t. This way you will notice potential disaster much faster.

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