Commitment in ScrumCommitment in Scrum

This is a note to self. Note taken long ago from Scrum beyond trenches slides by Henrik Kniberg. Just for myself not to forget.

The sprint commitment – misconceptions

”We promise to achieve this goal”
“We promise to deliver all stories included in the sprint backlog”

I’ll repeat!. These are misconceptions!

 Team’s commitment to the product owner

We promise that:

“… we believe we can reach the sprint goal.”
“… we will do everything in our power to reach the sprint goal, and will let you know immediately if we no longer believe we can reach it.”
“… we believe that we can complete all stories included in the sprint backlog.”
“… we will demonstrate releasable code at the end of the sprint.”
“… if we fall behind schedule we will talk to you and, if necessary, remove the lowest priority stories first.”
“… if we get ahead of schedule, we will add stories to the sprint from the product backlog, in priority order.”
“… we will display our progress and status on a daily basis.”
“… every story that we do deliver is Done.”

Hmm, the opposite of misconceptions should be conceptions, right :D?

Your experience

Would you add any more to these lists? Do you have any experience being hit by wrongly understood commitment? Share!

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