Hibernate annotations + Spring transactions in OSGI

On our new project we decided to develop backend as services deployed on Servicemix 4.2. To make it easier for developers more familiar with ‘traditional’ Read more

4 thoughts on “Hibernate annotations + Spring transactions in OSGI

  1. Hi Najnowsze,

    Thanks a lot to blog your return of experience. I have one question to ask you. Do you have define the @Transactional annotations of Spring in the Service layer or the DAO. In my case, I cannot use the annotation in the service layer.



  2. I’m facing another problem right now, but it involves Blob type data, I try to retrieve my blobs but It always generates this error
    “IllegalArgumentException: WrappedBlob is not visible from ClassLoader”
    something like that…
    Do you think that’s also a bug? I haven’t tried your solution because I don’t know how to start..

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