Event Stream Processing Platform

TouK ESPP is an event-stream processing and decision-making solution capable of high throughput and low latency event filtering, transformation, enrichment, correlation, and aggregation. It can handle any type of data - call detail records, financial transactions, click streams, network traffic metadata, IoT-generated payloads, images, logs, etc.
The Platform is built with and integrates with industry standard components, e.g. Apache Flink and Apache Kafka


Just in time decisions

ESPP lets you react to customers' actions with a tailored message or an offer.


All events analyzed

ESPP can handle a high load of information. Decisions can be taken using up to date information. No compromise needed.


Ad-hoc adaptation

Changes made in ESPP processes benefit you immediately. Feedback information can be used to immediately improve your operations.

Real Time Marketing

Effective marketing is based on up to date information and real-time customer actions. It uses analytics and feedback loops to optimize campaign behavior. Building campaigns in a GUI lets marketers deploy campaigns faster and adapt easily in changing competitive environments. Campaigns can be tested and tuned based on measured performance and experiments.

Event Preprocessing

Many analytics solutions do not have the power to handle incoming event loads. Events must be filtered, enhanced or aggregated first and TouK ESPP has proven itself to handle these tasks well.

Next Best Action

Presenting the customer with compelling and relevant content or offers in a timely manner is a very challenging task. Building Next Best Action insights requires information and proper tools like: customer clustering, offer and channel optimization, response modeling. TouK ESPP can perform and orchestrate these tasks.

Fraud Detection

Pre-adjudication or pre-payment fraud detection requires high-quality predictive modeling computed faster than 150ms. Flexibility of the platform allows simple management of patterns of abuse rules. Integrated monitoring makes it possible to measure performance directly using the platform.

Internet of Things

Large networks of devices generate enormous numbers of messages which need to be routed and processed. ESPP can handle both tasks efficiently.


Our platform can be deployed as an event stream processor in Apache Flink or work standalone in a request-response model.

We provide console for graphical process development. Basic logic can be implemented by a trained user. However integrations and complex requirements development will benefit from experienced partner's assistance.

Real time monitoring helps you track your processes health, performance and behaviour.

Ask for details

Please contact us for more information. We will help you to understand if TouK ESPP can help your business. Our team is ready to build a proof of concept solution to check real life scenarios with you.


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