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It’s been some time since we’ve launched toukLab which is a kind of HackerSpace for our employees. Besides our core business – mainly enterprise software for polish telecoms – in toukLab we develop some toys just for fun or for increasing productivity :)

I created Continous Integration lamps at toukLab with little help from Piotr Jagielski. Some of you could see it on Confitura conference this year.

But for those who haven’t here is a short description – Java software based on vert.x runs on RaspberryPi and watches Jenkins jobs. Their status is presented on display connected to RaspberryPi.

Build status is also reflected by police lights – blue, orange and red. Whenever build status changes it’s reflected by flashing lights for a few seconds.

Main features are:

  • works with Jenkins / Hudson
  • has nice GUI that gives instant feedback
  • it has own dedicated server connected to the Net (no PC required)
  • written in Java and easily portable
  • it’s cheap
  • future support for other CI servers is planned (Bamboo, CruiseControl, Continuum etc.)
  • future support for other monitoring systems like nagios is planned

Ingredients used:

  • Jenkins :)
  • Raspberry Pi with JVM 8
  • vert.x application platform
  • groovy + java
  • jQuery + some HTML and CSS3
  • hardware bridge to power lights (own built)

Stay tuned for more from toukLab news!

4 thoughts on “Our build lights”

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