Spring Security by example: user in the backend, testing

This is a part of a simple Spring Security tutorial:

1. Set up and form authentication 

2. User in the backend (getting logged user, authentication, testing)

3. Securing web resources

4. Securing methods

5. OpenID (login via gmail)

6. OAuth2 (login via Facebook)

7. Writing on Facebook wall with Spring Social

While login by form, OpenID, OAuth2 and so on may be cool, we may often need to do login/logout in the backend. Finally, we will need a way to get currently logged user. Working with Spring Security, we may do all of that using two classes: SecurityContextHolder and AuthenticationManager. Instead of explaining their API (docs are better) let me show you an implementation of an easy to use service. Our interface looks like this:

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Jakub Nabrdalik

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